Do you know these Facts about the making of FIFA games? Here’s 10 interesting facts about FIFA game that beyond your expectation, You’ll be surprised…


1.The very first FIFA game was not made by EA Sports
A little hard to believe isn’t it? The first FIFA; FIFA World Cup 1994 was developed by U.S Gold. EA was working the concept and was one a verse of releasing their version of FIFA when US Gold released their game.

EA’s game was canceled but went on to buy the contract from FIFA and became the largest francize in sports video game history.

2.Skill Moves are developed by an ex-professional footballer
Aaron McHardy is a Jamaican professional footballer who helps to develop skill moves for FIFA games. He came up with the concept in FIFA 07 and is working for EA ever since. He is the one responsible for all your star skills you do by pressing you R3 stick/button.

3.FIFA games were basically the same until FIFA 08
EA did not change the core of FIFA games until of 2008. There were new animations and players but the concept was basically the same. If you are a FIFA veteran you would know that until FIFA 08, there was not 360 movement for a player.

4.EA hired legendary commentator before they had commentary in game
EA experimented a lot with ingame commentaries and they were the first to perfect it. John Moston was hired long before the commentators were included in the game.

IN the beginning of the series, there used to a script that would be followed and recorded then play backed in the game. But, Moston came up with an idea that made the FIFA commentaries the best. He would commentate on real live football match and that would be used in FIFA.

5.Head programmer of the earliest FIFA game didn’t go home
Jan Tian was the head programmer for early FIFA games. He was a hard working coder who would spend days perfecting a simple code. Once, he was hospitalized due to lack of sleep. His son would call and ask him to come home as he spent weeks in his computer in his work office.

He received an Outstanding Achievement Award from EA.

6.EA treats Henry as a traitor

Thierry Henry betrayed EA’s FIFA to join Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer. He was with Arsenal then and was about to be featured in FIFA 04 cover. However, he joined hand of Konami. He even said that PES is a better representation of real life football since he has been playing them for a long time.

We are surprised that Henry was in FIFA 04 game at all. No wonder he still isn’t a legend in FUT.

7.EA Sports uses wishlist and review from Meta critic
There were days when PES was considered better than EA’s FIFA. At those time EA developers used MetaCritict to get wishlist from gamers to improve their game. And, they have done so. We do not have any proof but there are many who believe that EA Still used Meta critic to make changes to their next FIFA.

8.Professional players have to move their mouth to make in game conversation realistic
This was popular when Nigel Nunn approached former Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes to scan his face for FIFA 15. Nigel could not get Valdes’ face gesture when he was speaking because he almost never spoke in English. FIFA 15 did not have Valdes screaming at his defenders or celebrating when his team scored.

9.FIFA game producer opened the game 24hrs a day
Bruce McMillan is one of the first producer of FIFA games. He was so caught up with the game that he would open the game all day and night on his computer. Bruce thought that it make him understand the game and help him concentrate on new ideas for the next version of the game.

He later became the revolutionary concept designer of FIFA games and is considered as a legend in game development communittee.

10.Major changes are developed years before they are included
We all know that FIFA Ultimate Team is the biggest mod of the game ever. This concept was developed before there was technology to develop this card based online trading platform. EA knew this was going to be huge but they did not have enough technology to make it work. Even after the tech was available, they waited a few years to perfect this platform.

Similarly, there were tons of concepts for goalkeeper changes and updates. However, EA used the same concept for straight seven years before coming up with new factors to make the goalkeeper realistic.

Which was to most amazing fact about FIFA development?