I’ve observed a ton of threads asking where to go for certain programs, the best way to obtain things, and so forth. so, I believed I’d put this together to try and aid individuals find out exactly where to go and tips on how to do particular items. I’m going to go in order once you click on the Applications button in the most important DD menu (around the Gather tab), and after that scroll from top rated to bottom. I’ve played the game a ton during the last few days, so if something beneath is missing or incorrect, let me know and I will repair


these are the highest level programs. just before doing anything else, you might be in a position to unlock a few on the low-level cards required for completing missions within the applications. when you haven’t carried out so however, go into every plan and claim the cards. they include:

  • IV babe ruth
  • IV mike piazza
  • IV ken Griffey Jr
  • rookie Bob Gibson

if you click on every single system, you’ll see the rewards screen, which shows you what you unlock for finishing a percentage in the plan. use R1 to toggle to the missions screen, which will show you which missions you need to complete and just how much every mission is worth. once you full a mission, the description with the mission will show an unlocked padlock symbol, you simply click it, then redeem it, and after that go back to the rewards tab and collect your reward.

Profession Arcs

these programs are the 2nd highest rated applications. for every single arc, you follow precisely the same approach as above for navigating amongst the rewards and missions. you will find a number of cards you are able to claim right away:

  • rookie chase Utley
  • IV Larry Doby
  • IV don Sutton
  • IV Joe Torre
  • rookie jack morris
  • IV lee smith

you need to complete missions and accumulate stats, just like in the Immortals plan.


the collector section contains all the applications for collecting players, gear, souvenirs, parks, and so on.

reside series – this really is where you’ll collect all of the reside series cards, exactly the same way it worked in previous versions of DD. you’ve one mission per team to collect 15 cards every. the reward is one hundred MLB 18 stubs, 1000xp, and the residence group hat for each and every group. right after you unlock the collect 15, you might have to then collect 25 cards each and every. right after you collect 25 of each and every, the final step is always to gather all cards for a team. once you gather all cards to get a group, you obtain a collection reward, that is a gold/diamond player. there was another thread created not too long ago that shows what the reward card is for all teams. this year, the team collections and team epics happen to be uncoupled, so you don’t necessarily need to gather all players from a group to finish their team epic, or a minimum of that may be what every person has speculated. once you comprehensive a collection, those cards develop into locked and will not be tradeable, so assume wisely just before locking inside a collection.

bat autographs, ball autographs, bobbleheads, jerseys, hats, equipment, and stadiums are all self-explanatory. collect them, lock them for your collection, obtain rewards.

Created Player

they renovated the CAP technique this year. you have got a developed player at every position, and you ought to “level up” your player determined by games played, hits inside a game, compiled stats, and so on. you still add the CAP for your team by way of the squad management screen, but you complete missions and unlock the next step by means of this section. in the event, you put your CAP at catcher and complete step 1 (play 35 innings at the position), you click the unlocked padlock icon and redeem after which move on to the subsequent step. right after you full, always don’t forget to verify the rewards tab to find out when you unlocked the following reward.


once you play conquest and unlock rewards, you might redeem them within the conquest component 1 plan. this consists of beating strongholds, taking every single hex on the map, and so on. verify back regularly due to the fact as you beat strongholds and complete divisions, it unlocks bronze/silver players that you should then total missions in conquest with so as to beat the whole part 1. after you finish conquest part 1, it unlocks conquest intense.

Position Programs

you will see a sizable quantity of position programs, starting with catchers, going through closers. these are mini-programs which have mostly one particular game missions you will need to complete. these programs are expected so that you can total the career arcs, and they’re an excellent location to start grinding. you’ll be able to full a few of these missions in conquest, but the tougher ones will need to be accomplished in v CPU mode on the rookie. any time you click every player, you are going to see four rewards: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. the player you need to finish the 100% mission is unlocked at 50%. for instance, all-star Derek Norris unlocks at 50%, and also you should get 2 hits in a game with that card to unlock the 100% and full the player. to unlock the 50%, you may need to exchange catchers, exchange jerseys, and exchange hats. the exchange worth for players is 500, which can be 5 prevalent players (100 each and every per player), the exchange for the jersey is 1 jersey, and also the exchange for the hat is 1 hat. men and women have realized that a few of these jerseys/hats were promoting for quite higher costs early on. this will likely transform after the game is readily available for everyone soon after full release. if you are not acquiring stubs, think about which players you need to achieve initially.


the starter tab incorporates an opening day pack (not accessible until opening day, of course), a mission for collecting 30 live series players with a rating of 60 or significantly less, an exchange 1 player mission, beat the Yankees in v CPU, and then play 1 ranked seasons game and 1 battle royale game. your very first battle royale entry is no cost. should you pre-ordered the game and received a gold and/or diamond starter mission, you may uncover those missions within this section.

there’s also an “April” plan for compiling stats, but that won’t turn out to be active until april 1.

hopefully, this is valuable to absolutely everyone. just several rapid reminders:

as soon as you total a mission, you redeem it inside the program itself making use of the R1 to toggle among the reward/mission list

all of the applications are connected. you’ll need to finish the position applications as they feed into the career arc applications, along with the career arc applications are essential to finish the immortal programs

you can claim ten legend cards without having spent a single stub. check the immortal and career arc programs, get those cards, and begin grinding

in case you never have any stubs and can’t afford the jerseys/hats needed for the position programs, you could nonetheless start out grinding the profession arcs and immortal applications together with the no-cost legend cards. it is possible to also play conquest with everyone you wish and you may possibly get the jersey/hats/players required to exchange within the player programs within the post-game drops

in case you have Microsoft workplace or some other spreadsheet program, use it to create a mission checklist for oneself. I’ve seen 1 also added in a different thread here, so it could save you time in the event you aren’t actually very good with Excel. getting each of the missions organized inside a place you could reference, specifically inside the middle of a game, is exceptionally beneficial. it’s nice to understand that you simply need to have 2 runs having a specific player after you are within the middle of a game, has currently scored 1 and has on 2nd base within the 8th inning. it could adjust the choices you make.

once you are looking to perform by way of a program to get to a specific point (like 50% complete) mainly because you desire to unlock that reward, it is helpful to determine what percentage every mission tied to a program is worth. for instance, in case you are at 40% and also you want the 50% reward, you may need to unlock an added 10%. in the event you have 4 missions left, and these missions unlock 5%, 5%, 25% and 25%, then to acquire to 50% you either must do the two missions that give you 5%, or you need to perform certainly one of the 25% missions. it’s vital to understand this, despite the fact that it appears fundamental, in case you don’t possess a ton of stubs to spend. the exchange players, exchange jerseys and exchange hats missions are very high priced right now (pre-full release around the 27th), so it may be wise to wait on those unless you might be dying to unlock a reward you could get to with another 5-10%. you may verify what percentage it offers you around the missions tab (use R1 to acquire there) when you choose a new mission, you’ll see the theoretical % total adjust accordingly.

in the event, you have distinct queries or there is anything I did not address, you can ask it here. I’ve observed 100 threads asking the best way to redeem points or exactly where items are, so hopefully, this is useful. if you’ve identified anything else which is useful but I didn’t include it above, it is happy to add it.