AI Defending in FIFA 18

FIFA 18 will be launched next month. It is said by some fans that FIFA 18 will require more skill in defending by putting more emphasize on manual defending and less on AI defending. We all know that AI defending plays a great role in defense in FIFA 17. Many players like AI assisted defending because to a great extent there is respectively heavy input delay sometimes in FIFA 17. And having AI defending helps you when delay occurs is great. It is very possible that the function of AI will decrease, which caused a heated discussion about should there be AI defending in the forthcoming FIFA 18.

Some players supported AI defending. They think that Although everyone could basically defend in the game it is necessary for EA to keep AI defending in FIFA 18 because it seems that Input delay will stay in FIFA 18. They worry about that without AI defending delay can destroy their performance. They would not be able to defend at all with input delay. They said just put it into the context of needing consistent circumstances before thinking about making defending more manual.

However, many players disagree with them. They believe FIFA is a sport game featured in manual skills instead of AI technology so it bad for players to play the game and win by relying on AI so heavily. The more manual the game gets, the more the skill gap is increased, the better. As for the delay, many of them did’t really experience delay in defending in the 18 beta. They hold even if there are a few delay sometimes when you play the game, your opponents very possible also face the delay so it is fair to everyone.

Up to now, it is uncertain whether there is AI defending and whether delay is severe in FIFA FIFA 18, but it will be clear soon. So which opinion do you prefer?