Ousmane in FIFIA Mobile

Dembélé, 20, joined the Spanish club on a five-year deal for a fee of $125.2 million. The contract is good through June 30, 2022. Barcelona announced the signing on Friday.

His TT card rating, position and boosts will be adjusted in the near future in FIFA Mobile.

Here is my advices on these.


He should be a 98-99 as his transfer fee dwarfs Alvaro morata’s who is a 98. Ea will make him a 98 most likely in anticipation of another French teenager moving this season.

Verdict 98

He is very versatile and can play in RW, RM, ,LW, LM and CAM which is his preferred position.
We have 100 Neymar in LW And 99 messi At RW plus the recently released TT 96 bernadeschi so that rules out those positions.
We have 99 martial and two 97’s in forsberg and pedro at LM and 3 99’s in Robben, Quaresma and Honda at Rm plus new released TT 97 bernando Silva at Rm.
So those positions seem to be covered too unless may be a 98 Lm? Dembele is left footed so that wouldn’t be ideal.
That brings us to CAM position which is his preferred position. We have 99 James 99 son and newly released 97 siggurdson. We are light here.
James Rodriguez has been obsolete for some time now for middle and high tier players both for his boosts and in game play.
He is the only left footed high rated cam we have in the game. This is my personal preferred position for dembele. Some will argue that there was a new cam released recently i say so was a lw, rw and rm.

Verdict CAM

This is pretty straightforward if we follow the pattern its +3 reactions +2xx and dembele is known for his dribbling above anything else.. So +3rea +2drb

Final verdict

98 Cam Ousmane dembele +3rea +2drb