You maybe want to learn about what TERA offers its guilds. There are a lot of reasons you might want to look at TERA’s new guide to guilds in the game, but whatever your motivation, the guide will provide you with all the answers you need to start guilding away with ease. Tera gold buying on the U4GM marketplace will not only save you time and energy but you will get more time to actually play the game!

TERA Guild

1. Why do you want to run a guild? What do you bring that other, existing guild leaders do not?

2. What type of people are you going to recruit and how selective will you be? Invite anyone with a pulse? That usually doesn’t create a lasting membership. A particular type of player? Recruiting will be slow and you’ll probably be interviewing which takes time and is usually mostly on you.

3. How are you at dealing with disruptive people? Are you willing to talk to people and reprimand them? Some members don’t tell you when someone’s being a [filtered] and will just leave. You need to have a good feel for how things are, talk to people, and take action to prevent bad blood.

4. What are the guild rules? Can you actually enforce them? The only real power you have in this game is the ability to kick people from the guild. You can’t actually make anyone do anything.

5. How do you treat people who break the rules? Punishing publicly creates drama, doesn’t incentivize good behavior, and makes you look bad. However, if others don’t see you take action, they may think you’re a pushover. Make everyone aware of how things work beforehand.

6. Are you biased towards your friends? Treating everyone the same will determine if this is a guild or just a friend’s club. Be fair and inclusive. Do you want to do what you want to do in the game? You don’t always get to do your own thing. You have to share your time with the rest of the guild or it develops cliques.

7. How long have you played the game? If you’re fairly new, you don’t know how long you’ll play the game. You yourself need goals in this game. Something you’re working on to keep you playing.

8. How invested are you in the game? If you aren’t somewhat invested, you won’t stick around with the added work. That said, if you’re the type who feels responsible for keeping things together, you may start feeling bitter over the obligation. Watching other members take breaks to do other things while you hold the fort so there’s something to come back to — it’s something you can grow to resent. If you want to run off to try the latest game for a few weeks, that will weaken the guild.

9. A LOT of players don’t play for very long. You need to give them a reason to stick around.

10. Some players keep to themselves or are hard to break out of their shells. Engage them.

11. Decide on a size for your guild. Small guilds are easier to manage, but are harder to keep active. If a few key people stop playing, you have a problem. Large guilds give people a group to run things with, but it often devolves into cliques and take a lot of time to keep things civil.

12. Do you have good judgement? Are you impulsive? The leader’s personality and temperament guide the guild. You attract people similar to yourself. Those qualities can make things easier or harder to manage.

13. While not necessary, consider what conditions might make you close the guild. If all your officers leave to form their own guild? The first time someone verbally beats you up? If some toxic [filtered] causes a lot of people to stop playing? What are your limits?

14. How much work are you going to put into it? Try to keep it consistent. A guild with lots of events takes a lot of time and if they become less frequent when you are busy with other things, it can change the feel for some people. Having an easygoing guild is much less work, but is also less engaging.

15. Decide and enforce loot rules on guild runs. You wouldn’t believe how angry some people get when the distribution feels unfair. People who greed roll on everything, if everyone isn’t in agreement beforehand, will turn into a fight that lands in your lap. Determining who has priority for things can be necessary. Make sure loot rules are established before the run.

Leading a guild can be an amazing experience and you can learn a lot about yourself while learning how to deal with people. It can also feel like a chore that you want to avoid or something beyond your control. My recommendation for a first time, aspiring leader would be to find a guild that’s similar to what you are looking to create and work to become an officer.

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