fifa 18 atmosphere

EA published a post yesterday which described and praised the atmosphere in FIFA 18.

On this post, EA said atmosphere in FIFA 18 is terrific because the game will fascinate players to make them enjoy the game to the full with the new features including bring players to life and making teams more authentic.

This is what EA said exactly:

Along with new features bringing Players to life and new innovations to make Teams more authentic than ever, Atmospheres in FIFA 18 will immerse you in the emotion of the World’s Game.

From the words, we can see that better player authenticity is an important improvement and feature for FIFA 18. FIFA 18 adds a new layer of immersion with new, realistic player visuals to make the World’s Game feel even more authentic. Every players in the game looks even truer to their real-world selves than ever, which sounds so exciting and wonderful.

New immersive atmosphere is neatly illustrated by new stadiums, high-res crowds, regionalized atmospheres, player banners, on-pitch graphics and so on.

Feed off the energy of the supporters with chants building as you go the attack, or join your fans to celebrate that wonder goal you just scored. Feel the variation in energy and character of matches in different regions as cinematic atmosphere grading, signature pitch-side fixtures and adaptive commentary come together. A new presentation package for the Premier League and authentic broadcast overlays for La Liga and the MLS add to the immersion you’ll feel when playing FIFA 18.

360° replay camera is another extraordinary feature. When you scored a goal, the camera is able to seamlessly transition between replay angles to show you the best strikes from every angle.

All in all, from What EA said, the atmosphere in FIFA 18 do have been improved to a higher level and I believe It will raise more attractions and gain a lot of popularity after FIFA 18 is released September.