EA launched FIFA Mobile Update 6.3 recently. This update brought major and minor changes to FIFA Mobile, along with some long-awaited bug fixes. Below is a list of all the new changes we made for a better gaming experience. The new patch update is available now for Android and iOS devices.

FIFA Mobile Update 6.3



-Track your account progress with the all new User Profile screen, accessible from the side menu, leaderboards, and match history.

-Showcases your Team details including current OVR, Tactic, and the ability to view and compare your teams.

-Showcases your Vs Attack details by highlighting current Division, Fans, Match History, Lifetime Wins and Highest Fan Totals.

-Showcases your League details including current League, Rank, and an ability to view all of the players/teams in the League.


-Chip shots have been simplified and improved and the controls are now more reliable to give you a better experience.

-Extended the ending logic for corner kicks to give more time to complete them at the end of game.


-Fixed a bug where the Pass button would stop working at the very beginning of possessions.

-Fixed a bug that would cause the match summary screen at the end of the game to show an incorrect number of goals.