Jamie Vardy is 29 years old, playing at Leicester City and now has a total strength of 79. Actually, an unspectacular player, when you see him in the career. Since his club but currently going through an enormous increase in performance in the Premier League, Vardy has moved into the focus of interest. The Briton has some advantages that apply to mention it and give particularly in FIFA 16 a great advantage.


In FIFA 16 Jamie Vardy benefited enormously from his team’s success in the current Premier League campaign. Leicester City has managed the little football miracle and is already deservedly established a master. And much of this success has also Vardy, in 34 games, the 29-year-old has scored 22 goals. With these values, the Briton is also in a FIFA players very popular, and the employees at EA SPORTS to currently well with Vardy. The player new rating updates are being constantly missed that affect his ability. Here Vardy is in certain respects already a very good player. One weakness is in FIFA 16 have the ball control. He is currently on 75 points, in the conclusion he has increased since December, from 78 to 81.

Jamie Vardy with his 1.79cm height is not a particularly great striker and correspondingly weak header, this can also race till you drop. With a 91 acceleration and a sprint speed of 93 now he is one of the fastest strikers in the game. With the specialty “Streaker” runs Vardy Defense frequently thereof. In addition it has a 90 endurance rating, which makes it a real worker on the grass. With a shot power of 84 and an aggression of 91 to Leicester striker knows physically enforce. Against compact defender but Vardy gets into trouble, because his strength is not particularly pronounced. On March 17, he scored a new “ability”: Swallows. This does not directly, since one can not influence the game of course, but it may be that people then fall faster wins.

FIFA 16 Jamie Vardy Review

Team: Leicester City
Thickness: 79
Potential: 79
Special movement: Three stars
Weak Foot: Three stars
The values compared to December

Total thickness: 75 -> 79
Ball Control: 71 -> 75
Conclusion: 78 -> 81
Acceleration: 91 = 91
Sprint Speed: 90 -> 93
Stamina: 90 = 90
Shot Power: 80 -> 84
Aggression: 88 -> 91