Overwatch, the first-person shooter game, has taken the gaming community by storm. Since it’s release on May 24th, sales have consistently been rising and it now steadily holds onto that top spot in the retail all-format charts, despite sales dropping by a massive 54%. The recent UK sales chart reveal some interesting trends in the gaming world.

Unsurprisingly considering the scores and the hype around both games, Uncharted 4 and DOOM hold onto second and third place respectively. Because we’ve also got the Euros coming up, it’s no surpirse to see FIFA 16 rush back up to fourth place in the multi-formats, either.

Dead Island: Definitive Edition shambled its way into the multi-plats at number five as a brand new entry, so that’s nice for Deep Silver… though the studio’s other newest game, Homefront: The Revolution, fell down six places to land at number ten (and with the various bugs the game’s suffered, we can’t say we’re really surprised).

overwatch hero

In the individual charts, though, it’s no surprise to see Overwatch dominate, too. GTAV seems to have had a resurgence, but that can usually be linked to the school half-terms (worringly enough…) and The Division got a slight dip from last week. Dead Island came in at number five – which is good! – and Battleborn shows dubious signs here, going down five places…

The Xbox 360 charts look almost the same, really – the top two did a switcheroo but we’re unlikely to see any real changes in this set up in the next few weeks, at least.