Passing in FIFA 17 is brilliant. This article contains the descriptions of all available passes in FIFA 17. Their knowledge and proper usage will be the key to your every victory. Now let’s learn these tips to get you on the path to becoming a pass master.


Short Ground Pass
The short ground pass is fundamental to every play – to use it, press the key responsible for the short pass and point the direction, in which the player is supposed to pass. Some top players say “It’s vital to keep the ball well in FIFA 17.” And you should conduct passes with the appropriate strength and precision, too much force behind it can cause problems to its recipient, you may loss your ball because of it.

Long Ground Pass
The long ground pass is most often utilized as a tool to quickly change the side of the pitch, therefore redirecting the brunt of the attack onto a different section of the field. With the new passing mechanics being introduced every year, there’s even more emphasis being placed on passing and build up play. Long Ground Pass become more and more important today. To conduct such a pass, press the button responsible for the short pass and point in the direction that you want the ball to travel in. This is by far one of the most difficult passes, due to the high risk of interception, which is why you should only perform it when you are 100% sure of its success.

Back Heel Pass
The back heel pass is an excellent way of surprising your opponent with a very dynamic play which can swiftly advance the stage of your attack. Learning to play the ball using the back of your foot or heel can cause plenty of difficulty especially for those less skilled players. But this play allows you to keep a very fluent, quick pace of attack, with a lightning fast return of the ball followed by a pass to another player. This pass can be troublesome for some defenders because of its element of surprise. To use this type of pass, press the button responsible for the short pass and pace control and choose the direction in which the pass is supposed to be played.

Lobbed Pass
A lobbed pass is most of all a dynamic cross, which redirects the weight of the attack onto the other wing. Unlike the ground pass, it can also be used in offensive formations, assuming that it is sufficiently precise. Although you can quickly pass the ball and counter attack effectively, it’s really key that you remain patient in your build up. Even if the distance is not that huge it is very easy to lose possession when executing this pass. To perform a lobbed pass, press the button responsible for the lobbed pass and choose the direction in which you want the pass to travel, while paying extra attention to the power bar.

Through Ball
A ground through ball in an opportunity to very quickly startle the defence of our rival with a daring, forward ball that requires us to utilize the speed and acceleration of our players. It is essential that the pass is conducted in an appropriate pace – we will often have to predict the direction in which the recipient of the pass will be running, which is what makes this play so demanding in terms of skill and often results in our player being offside. To execute this pass, hold the button responsible for the through ball and choose the direction in which you want the ball to head in. And if you use this, you should choose the angle of the pass first. Then, choose the correct strength/pace/weight on the ball. These are the key to use Through Ball.

Lobbed Through Ball
A lobbed through ball is an excellent way of attempting to slip past one, or even two rival formations with one pass – with the right amount of precision and strength this passage of play can allow you to rapidly advance on the enemy goal in a “one on one” situation in the case of a swift counterattack. But, pay attention, you shouldn’t ever try the lobbed through ball if your striker is facing towards you as it’s a complete waste of time. To conduct this pass, you must press the button responsible for the through ball, as well as the modifier, you also need to choose the direction in which the ball is supposed to be traveling. Remember, pick the appropriate strikers for this to work successfully for you every-time.

Threaded Through Ball
The threaded through ball is a very powerful pass, basically a combo of the driven pass and the through pass. It plays the ball ahead of your player fast with a little bounce to it. It’s useful if you have a very fast player to get on the end of it. In contrast to the classic through ball, this type of play allows us to pass the ball in between the defenders, instead of having to bypass the entire formation on the wing. The threaded through ball is especially effective and useful during counterattacks, when it is played onto the offside line. To conduct this pass, press the buttons responsible for the through ball and the finesse modifier.