Black Friday is over, then Cyber Monday is coming. FIFA 17 Cyber Monday Flash Squad Building Challenges and Special Pack hourly offers start November 28th at 2PM UK! So do you prapare well for the upcoming Cyber Monday?

Let’s see the latest news from Twitter:

It is the same as the Black Friday promotions. During the Cyber Monday promotion, there will be lightning rounds at hourly intervals for a period of 24 hours, along with one or more promotional packs which will be available. And flash SBC will follow with few hours expiry. Of course, we don’t know the details. As usual, keep your eyes on EA’s twitter to know the updates over Cyber Monday. New tournaments may also be released for a limited time over the duration of lightning rounds release.

Most players must care about the market crash and how to do with Cyber Monday. Although there ia a crash in the market, last week we saw the released TOTW 10 featuring SIF ST Ronaldo, which reslut in the lots of pack opening. The market is in general stable. From the market, we saw most top player prices tend to hold their value or incease slightly. That is because the high demand for them. The greatest crash usually happen in the players, consumables and club items, which seems to depend on the released FIFA 17 packs. You can check futbin to see the market trend and player prices.

To make FIFA 17 coins, sell your items now, like players, club items and consumables which you are to be largely packed. And sell your items before FUTmas (resulting in offers), which also leads into the next big market crash of FUT 17, the Team of the Year (TOTY).