Diego Costa, born 7 October 1988), is a professional footballer who plays as a striker with a good finishing touch for English club Chelsea and the Spanish national team. Costa can bully defenders and then use his pace when a change is required.

Incredibly competitive, his passion and will to win is second to none and his finishing is improving all the time. But he has been criticised and punished for several confrontations with opponents. In FIFA 17, Costa with 85 rating and got a 86 IF card in TOTW 3, he is very effective striker with the Hunter chemistry, and only use in one way: in the box.


Here is a nasty glitch going around in FIFA 17 at the moment and some of you may be already know it as the ‘Diego CostaFIFA 17 glitch.

It involves a tactic in the game that has a very high success rate to score every single time from a corner as long as you have Diego Costa in your team and follow certain rules.

We’re not sure how bad it really is, but we’ve seen some players perform it on us and we just wanted to make sure you are aware of it.

Here is a video showing how to do the Diego Costa glitch in FIFA 17:

We’re not suggesting that you all go out and abuse it, but hopefully it will help to point out to EA that it’s something that needs attention in the next FIFA 17 update.

Some are saying that this works with any other tall players and if so then EA does really need to take notice.