FIFA 18 Wishlist

FIFA 18, the successor of FIFA 17, is believed to be released in the near future. What many fans are interested in and are expecting in FIFA series is Career Mode. We have to admit that many improvements have been made in FIFA 17, but what changes will take place in FIFA 18 Career Mode. Below, I want to show my wishlist which is the summary of many other players’ expectations.

Position training: Train a player for a specific position so his growth will improve in the required attributes. For example, a RM would be improving mainly in sprint speed and acceleration but training him to become a CM would improve his ball control, stamina and passing more than other attributes.

Practice and Youth Team Games: The ability to play or watch practice games for the reserves or the youth team to get an idea of how he plays and suitable tactics for the player. For example, if a player can jump high, his tactics would be automatically set to go up for corners.

Managerial customization: Create a manager just like player CM. You can edit his facial features, body type, complexion and possibly even how he reacts to certain situations, like getting angry on missed chances on the touch line or trying to confront the player in bad form.

Kits customization: Change kits after every season by changing the design, colors or even sponsors which reflect on the team jersey.

Clauses: Set release clauses, buy-back clauses and others on a player.

Revenue system: Setting prices of tickets which influence attendance and revenue of which a part is added to the transfer budget. Sponsor payments may be added as to which sponsors can pay the most money to have their logo onto the kits.

Facility and stadium upgrades: Upgrade facilities like the gym for physical growth or hire better medical staff for faster recovery.

Training: Training the whole squad at once, which might also be done by playing a practice game and players who play well and grow better than others.

Interviews and conferences: Respond to certain questions that can have effects on the playing style of teams, like praising your own players a lot can cause overconfidence and poorer performances.

Social media: This has been already added to The Journey, so why not in CM?

Cut scenes for draws: Announcement of fixtures for Champions Cup (UCL) and Euro League (UEL) can be done by using cut scenes which add depth rather than simply the board being giving word.

More tactical controls: Edit player runs. For instance, if ball is in the middle, make wide runs and drag defenders out of position to create space.

Whether the wishlist consists of some of your expectations? Please write down your views.