An all new Drum Gun is coming to Fortnite soon, announced today by Epic Games through the in-game news feed.

Though everyone’s nevertheless speaking concerning the major rocket launch that took location in Fortnite just yesterday, the in-game updates retain moving ideal along with the “New Updates” popup saying that the Drum Gun is coming soon. No matter whether you realize it by that name, as a Thompson submachine gun, or because the Tommy gun, you are going to be capable of use it in Fortnite ahead of also long. Fortnite players on Reddit shared an image from the in-game updates that previewed the upcoming weapon.

Assault Weapon: A heavy weapon with high damage, an extreme rate of fire, and a huge magazine size. Very inaccurate unless aiming down sights from a fixed position, and firing in short bursts.

fortnite drum gun

Though the weapon itself has just about generally been an SMG when it showed up in other games, a leak that revealed the weapon just a few days ago recommend that that is not the case this time. In place of getting classified as that weapon kind, Storm Shield reports that the Drum Gun will rather be an assault rifle. Saying that the weapon would come in both a green and blue variant with no explanation to believe a Legendary is within the performs, Storm Shield shared all the stats for the new weapon to show just how rapid it’ll fire and how much harm it’ll do.

Damage 27
Crit Chance 0%
Crit Damage 0%
Fire Rate 9
Magazine Size 50
Range 5000
Durability 99999
Durability per Use 0.0
Reload Time 3
Ammo Type Ammo: Medium Bullets
Ammo Cost 1
Impact 28
Patch Added 4.5.0

Interestingly enough, the timing from the Drum Gun adds to some players’ theories about the epic rocket launch that just occurred this weekend. When the rocket flew around and seemingly tore through space and time one thing that you simply certainly have to have to catch up on for those who did not see it in individual players started coming up with unique concepts about what the rocket launch might imply for the future of Fortnite. One of many additional well-known theories suggests that the rocket has torn by means of dimensions and time and could open the interdimensional door for items and settings from the past along with the present to converge. With the Tommy gun being the historic weapon that it can be, some are suggesting that this may be the very first of numerous throwback weapons to come.

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