“FBI Says Alleged Hackers Used FIFA To Steal Millions From EA

The FBI believes that a group of hackers made millions off a scam to defraud the publisher Electronic Arts, and today the government is going to court to try to take them down.”

“This morning in Texas, defendant Anthony Clark will go on trial for conspiracy to commit wire fraud after allegedly working with three other hackers to mine FIFA coins from EA’s servers, then sell those coins to “black market” dealers in Europe and China. The FBI alleges that Clark and his co-defendants made between $15 and $18 million off this scheme.”


When I read this news I just want to say this is why FUT 14 and 15 markets were so bad. If you want to see the full news, you can go to http://kotaku.com/man-goes-on-trial-for-allegedly-stealing-millions-from-1788948231

It’s pretty interesting to say the least. This wouldn’t be the first recent fraud scandal to go down regarding virtual items and currency either. The CSGO scandal is still ongoing. People were also doing the same thing with Street Fighter V for unlocking costumes and other unlockables in the game. Seems that there are unprotected lines of internet traffic that can be spoofed to send the “unlock” codes to the server. Looks exactly like this tbh.

Not sure what they were thinking putting the money directly into bank accounts though. That’s just asking to get pinned by the IRS.

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