Team of the Year (presumably January 11th) is fast approaching which means one of the most significant market crashes is coming to FIFA Ultimate Team.

Here are five ways you can prepare yourself for the big crash.

Sell Your Unwanted and High-Rated Players

High-Rated Players

If you plan on selling players in preparation for Team of the Year, the sooner you sell, the better (especially your high-rated, high-value players). Right now is a great time to sell.

If you have high-rated players to sell, you can buy them back just before, during, or right after TOTY week for a cheaper price. I would only keep high-rated players that are of sentimental value to you (I’ll have a hard time selling my pack-pulled Roberto Carlos!).

Don’t forget: the crash just before “the crash” is usually the real crash.

The best time to buy players is usually during the days just before TOTY during the “pre-crash”.

Player prices will usually be at their lowest in the days just before Team of the Year due to people panic-selling their players in preparation for TOTY.

Build Cheap Squads

If you’ve sold your top players in anticipation for TOTY, you might as well build an OP cheap squad to get you through the holidays.

Pick up cheap alternatives of the high-rated players you’ve sold on the Transfer Market. You can buy those players back for less later on.

Here’s a cheap BBVA squad that works for just 20K coins on XB1 and 30K coins on PS4. Swap Koke with Nzonzi if you want a more defensive team.

Cheap Squads

Might as well experiment with leagues you haven’t used before while you’re at it. I would try building an MLS squad or Russian League squad. Lots of cheap beasts there!

Sell Your Unwanted Consumables

Unwanted Consumables

If you’ve opened a lot of packs since FIFA 16 launch it’s easy to forget how many consumables you have in your club. You could be sitting on a gold mine of fifa 16 coins without even knowing it!

I currently have 900+ gold rare contracts in my club. You can easily survive with less that 100 contracts.

If I sell 800 gold rare contracts for 250 coins each on the Transfer Market, that’s 200,000 coins!

I could use that to open TOTY packs, trade, or fund a TOTY in-form purchase.

And that’s just contracts. Be sure to check your club for any other unwanted consumables that sell for a decent price like Chemistry Styles or position changes.

Sounds like a lengthy task, but it could be worth it in the end. Using the Web App is probably the best way to get this done.

Make a Player Shopping List

As mentioned before, Team of the Year brings a significant market crash with it. This means you can find some great deals on the Transfer Market.

When the crash hits, all the panic in the community can be a bit overwhelming, so it’s important to focus on what you really need for your Club.

Start making a list of top players you’d like to add to your Ultimate Team during the crash. Take note of their current prices and the prices you’re hoping to buy them at.

Be ready to buy them once the pre-crash hits. Focus on them first and worry about other players later. Buying your wanted players during the “pre-crash” will make TOTY week a lot less stressful for you, trust me.

Play FUT Draft

FUT Draft

I’ve been love with FUT Draft lately!

If you’re playing Ultimate Team over the holidays, might as well stick to FUT Draft.

The great thing about FUT Draft is that you receive packs as you progress to final. Try stocking up on your packs until TOTY comes. Easier said than done, I know!

Every pack saved could potentially have TOTY player come January!