In FIFA Mobile, it is popular to found a league where many qualified players can join and communicate with each other, most importantly, form teams to attend various matches. However, many players revealed that there are many inactive members who seems to rarely attend the match organized by leagues and even don’t communicate with or respond to other members, which exerts bad impact on the performance of leagues. So how to deal with such inactivity? Below, we introduce some methods for your reference.

 Inactive League Members in FIFA Mobile

The best way to see someone’s inactivity is to check the results of the championship and most importantly those of the tournament (League Vs League). If his results are too bad, it can almost be sure that he is a inactive member. We should make it clear that inactive members not only make few contributions to leagues but also cause regular failures. Many founder of leagues ignore the bad effect of the inactivity or have no solution. Some just are willing to kick out inactive members, which is wrong.

For those inactive members, We should give some warning to them first. If some member apply to join but they really are not interested in being part of a team, you should have rules and inform everyone so there can be no arguments. For example, if a member don’t take his 3 turns in LVL, he would be first temporarily removed from LVL and if he don’t report to explain in a given amount of time, you are expelled.If there are still a few members who dare to break rules, you can get rid of them. My advice is that all members should be expected to play every Tournament, unless they advise you in advance so you can take them out of the squad. If a member is due to play but doesn’t or doesn’t finish all 3 matches they are suspended from the next one. If they keep missing irregularly they are ‘given a free transfer’ and moved out. But I guess some bosses of leagues is too kind to kick out the inactive. There is a more gentler way: Before every important match you inform inactive members one by one through chat and ask if them wants to play the match, if he doesn’t you can just take him out of your squad. If he doesn’t respond, take him out each time anyway, I found this can get a reaction. If he wants to play he will ask why he cant. If he doesn’t reply then just keep taking him out anyway. If you notice that a member doesn’t attend a match which he promised to attend you can contact him and ask for reasons and if he have enough reasons you can forgive him and remind him not to miss the next match, otherwise kick him out.