FIFA 16 Web App Link & Mobile Companion App Details

Many of you (especially new players) may still be wondering how to access the official EA Sports Web App link and how to download the mobile Companion App for FIFA 16. We’ve listed how you can do so below.


FIFA 16 Web App Trading Methods to make FIFA Coins

Essential FUT 16 Web App Trading Tips


Many of the methods outlined below require that you follow basic principles when trading on the FUT 16 Web App or console (Xbox One, 360, Playstation 4, PS3 or PC). These guidelines will help ensure you always make the maximum number of FIFA coins from a each method.

  • ALWAYS account for the 5% EA tax on each item that you sell! If you sell an item for 250 coins, the 5% tax of 12.5 will round up to 13.
  • Increase your Transfer List and Transfer Targets size. You can do this by purchasing items from the EA SPORTS Football Club (EASFC) Catalogue. You can get them even cheaper if you and a friend gift them to each other! By doing this you can maximise on your profits, especially when mass bidding.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the method, list players at 1 hour auctions. This increases their exposure and chances of selling. While you are sleeping list items at 6 / 12 hours. Relist items as frequently as possible at 1 hour.
  • Always check the prices of the cards you have purchased on the Transfer Market at regular intervals, as prices can fluctuate.
  • Instead of manually bringing down a player’s maximum buy now price on your console using the left analogue stick, you can simply press LT/L2. You can also use RT/R2 to bring it straight back up to max, or alternatively just type it in on the FIFA 16 Web App.
  • If you are struggling to sell your cards try listing at the weekend as this is the most popular time for other players to play FIFA. Consumables are always in good demand (even 200 coin contracts etc) when lots of games are being played. Also remember that 5pm – 11pm UK is usually the time when most people are looking for items.
  • While you are building your FIFA coins by trading, try to steer clear of packs until you’ve purchased the entire squad you’re aiming for. We understand pack openings are very exciting, but they will drain your coins in the long run!
  • When you are in a bidding war it can sometimes be beneficial to bid twice in quick sucession yourself. This makes it look like more people are bidding than there actually are.
  • If you are struggling to sell your card and it’s economical to add a contract / fitness card (to the value of 99 fitness and 7 contracts), do exactly that. This will make him appear fresh (having not played any matches) for those searching on the FIFA 16 Web App.

Just to note, although it still works very well under certain circumstances, BIN (Buy It Now) Sniping is not as effective since the November FIFA Update which ensured prices now start at their maximum buy now, instead of their minimum. This reduces the number of players that accidentally list items cheaply on a Buy Now. We’ll detail items that still work extremely well when using this method.