This build uses loads of low-cost distinctive items, many of the endgames very best in slot items cost subsequent to nothing at all.
Can do any map mod and clear all of the content. Numerous individuals now have utilized this build and taken down all guardians, shaper and uber Atziri deathless.
You can not take away the mirror devoid of losing damage. Even with a kind (pricey) ES shield with double ES rolls and triple resistances you nevertheless shed 60 Int and 4% more Int worth of harm. In case you start out cutting ES nodes and adding damage ones to make up that loss, you end up with worse ES and damage than before you began.
Just making use of the mirror is far more comfy, more affordable and also has 6% movement speed, very good evasion, and +10% block.

PoE 3.3 Update
Heart of thunder buffs result in about 5% a lot more damage than the last patch
The new Apep’s Supremacy is a new defensive choice. It has the disadvantage of needing to cover 30% resistances in superior jewels but when you can do that then it supplies great ES, conditional max resistances, immune to bleed but the essential component of this item is definitely the more quickly start out of ES recharge price. This item does shed you some damage although. Atziri’s reflection got a drop rate buff. Nonetheless high priced but now 10 ~ 15 PoE Exalted Orbs rather than one hundred ~ 150 Exalted Orbs so now it’s an affordable item to chase.

Soul with the Brine King Pantheon for the unlock immunity. Evasion prevents Stunlock from attacks, but it’s good being able to charge away from a gorgeous firestorm. None with the other selections appeal that considerably anyway
Soul of Abernathy is my preferred minor pantheon bonus. Immunity to burning ground is handy

The pursuit of Faith – Divine Guidance – Sanctuary Of Thought – Ritual Of Awakening
The first lab gets +1 totem. The 2nd lab has a small influence, and it can wait. The 3rd lab offers excellent ES. 4th lab for +1 T.

Bandits: Kill All


Hand of Wisdom and Action. Kind of need one particular for any HOWA builds to function. Hand of believed and motion are the pre-upgraded forms for leveling. These claws scale harm off intelligence which can be why we focus so much on our tree and gear on obtaining intelligence

With hierophant turning mana into base ES we are a lot more incentivized to scale Int then ahead of. These rings have a decent amount of flat mana on them as well as turning every one of a kind item we choose up into a 4% much more Int item. That is exceptional worth as most of the superb ES/evasion gear is exclusive

Here is where the synergy kicks in. Shapers gloves would be the core in the build, and their accuracy provides us a lot more DPS than any other item even though also give us massive evasion scaling that is what makes it possible for us to reach such high evade chance without evasion focused gear. The build also incidentally gets a hefty quantity of strength which can be converted into flat mana and %ES by means of these gloves.

Astramentis is greatest within the slot right here. Up to 116 Int whilst also solving Dex and Str issues. Very good rares can come close, but no uncommon can beat this item in an endgame.

The vertex. Quite dull but its special and got good evasion and ES. +1 to socketed gems is just a bonus that pushes it over the edge as very best. Once you have some extra currency, you can buy a higher ES roll one, but an affordable rolled 1 will do till then.

The chest is just suitable. Tri resistances along with evasion and ES. Be sure to purchase the second ES variant with 500+ ES. As a result of the rings bonus even when I test together with the major rolled ES rares Splendor ends up getting far better. Splendor also has the gift of being accessible to chrome into our preferred colors.

Since its introduction, Cyclopean Coil has dominated the other possibilities for belt slot, and luckily it is even shared. 15% increased all stats offers more DPS and ES than the earlier possibilities plus the 5% enhanced harm to the lowest stat is terrific for this build because its lowest stat is around 250-300. The build ought to wind up with Int highest and Dex lowest which means it grants immune to shock and ignites to get a bonus.

Atziri’s mirror is most effective in the slot as a result of its Int and resistances. It was taking place to possess very good evasion, movement speed, plus the added block is just a bonus.

The fated version would add some exciting possibilities like soul mantle self-flagellation combo for considerable damage. Either the prophecy possibility is bugged, or its just as well rare to reasonably aim for at the moment though

Sin Trek is such great boots. They’ve all the things we want, Int, Evasion, Move speed as well as the very best ES you are going to come across. Pity they don’t have resistance, however, they can’t be excellent, and they nonetheless beat any uncommon.

Two uber lab selections give wonderful DPS on boots. 1-160 lightning harm when you haven’t killed recently and 10% penetration in case you haven’t killed not too long ago, so you may have a 1/7.5 opportunity of getting an excellent one anytime you run the lab. I got fortunate and got 1 on my 5th run.

Leveling Gear
Leveling gear and path into endgame stuff. The highlighted items cost 1c or significantly less. You should be capable to begin mapping wearing just these highlighted(cheap) items. For a smoother expertise maintain an eye on level specifications and upgrade appropriately when you hit them
Chest – Zahndethus Cassock Lvl 37 – Geofri’s Sanctuary lvl 64 – Atziri’s Splendour lvl 75
Weapon – Hand of Thought and Motion lvl 22 – Hand of Wisdom and Action lvl 68
Helm – Doedre’s Scorn lvl 39 – Vertex lvl 62
Gloves – Lochtonial Caress lvl 1 – Asenath’s Gentle Touch lvl 25 – Shaper’s Touch lvl 66
Boots – Shavronne’s Pace lvl 32 – Sin Trek lvl 62
Belt – Bated Breath lvl 22 – Cyclopean Coil lvl 68
Shield – Crest of Perandus lvl 8 – Atziri’s Mirror lvl 54
Ring – Timeclasp lvl 22 – Perandus Signet lvl 1
Amulet – Astramentis lvl 20

Issues to have Final:
– Heart of thunder
– Top 2 jewel sockets behind 4% mana/ELE nodes.
Individuals who take them early frequently obtain themselves operating into survivability complications.

PoB Link:
Final Skill Tree:


Normally, they may be not worth the trouble for motives that are sufficient inside the extended run. Whilst they may be useful for players who could know nothing at all regarding the game. For by far the most portion, they’re learning tools for novices to ease them into the game. For much more Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you could go to Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code for free in the reps should you Purchase Poe Currency order from this short article.