Rewiew on FIFA 18 Demo

Many players now are discussing the FIFA 18 demo. Many of them want to know the features and changes in the demo. Luckily, I had the opportunity to play the game for around 45 minutes at the Gamescom and would like to introduce the my experience on FIFA 18 at Gamescom.

First, the version isn’t as bad as many players expected it to be, in fact, it could be seriously fun to have it on the go.

Second, the demo was on a PS4, so I don’t know how much the gameplay will differ to Xbox or PC.

Third, what was really noticeable was the slow gameplay, players feel really heavy. But the dude at the booth told me that the full version wouldn’t be that slow. It’s just like every year that the demo seems slower probably because that way people feel any difference to the previous FIFA and have a reason to buy the new FIFA because of “gameplay feels so different!”

Shooting did feel pretty different as well. My finesse shots didn’t go as well as I thought they should or maybe I was just having a bad day but I really think the ball physics while shooting was kinda off.

Fourth, now talk about the defense. I didn’t feel like it was more difficult than in 17 although I did defend pretty manually in 17 already. So this could be a reason why I didn’t have that much trouble defending when the opponent player has the ball on his feet. But here is the point. Crossing is almost impossible to defend accurately without training it a little bit. The defenders are just randomly positioned in your area while the crosses are all pinpoint to the opponents striker.

I did concede all my goals by crossing and headers. I think this will be the year of crossing again after all if the gameplay is gonna stay close as to what we have right now. The one man kickoff is pretty neat. It’s more difficult doing the custom L1 and X kick off and attack with both players right away so that is a good thing.

Last, the graphics do look amazing when there are close ups from the more famous players. The crowd is amazing and celebrations like the Ronaldo one feels awesome.

All in all, the game does feel different to 17 in certain areas but still has some flaw. From what I heard the demo and the full version can differ a lot.