We’ve seen A LOT of posts regarding the web app and EA’s early access to the game in the last couple of hours so we decided to create a small post with some FAQ’s you guys might find useful.

If you have more questions, please use this post to address them and we will add them to the post as we see them useful.

1- How can I access the Web App? This is the official link for the FUT WebApp:

2- Can I use FIFA Points on the Web App? At this point, the only people allowed to use FP on the web app are the people who already have the full game.

3- How did these people got the game so early? A few people on Xbox accidentally got the game early thru the FIFA 16 bundle. Here’s a tweet about it

4- Will I be able to transfer my Fifa Points from fifa 15 to fifa 16?? Yes, once you have the full game (ea access or full game on release date) you will have a one time option to transfer your existent fifa points from your fifa 15 game, to your new fifa 16 game.

5- When will the game be available via EA Access? The game will be available to play on Thursday, September 17th and will probably be available to download at some point tomorrow. Last year, the game was accessible to download 24 hours before the Early Access began.

6- How long will I be able to play FIFA 16 via EA Access? You will have access to the full game for 10 hours only. If you are done playing with the game, make sure you completely “quit” the application, or else, the timer will continue to run. The timer starts as soon as you open the application and ends as soon as you quit the application. You can open and close the game as many times as you want as long as you still have time left.

7- Will my stuff (Fifa coins, players, fifa points) transfer from EA Access to the full game?? Yes, everything will be exactly the same as you had it on the early access version.

8- Can I buy Fifa points on the early access version?? Yes, you will have the full version of the game and will be able to do everything on it just as if you actually had the game. The only difference is the 10 hour timer.

9- Can I buy Fifa points on the web app?? No

10- I’ve been refreshing the web app for 6 hours and I still can’t access EA stated that they were slowly deploying the web app. Since there are thousand of persons trying to using it right now, the web app traffic will be really high, therefore, crashing and showing error messages to everyone. Be patient and keep trying.

11- I played 60000 games and only got 4 loyalty packs! wtf!

12- Are there any Daily Gifts happening right now? Even though EA hasn’t officially announced the EA gifts, most or all of us received them. We are not certainly sure about this as some of us have received 2 daily gifts today. Using previous years as a reference, you will get 1 daily gift per day.

13- Will the new TOTW be available tomorrow on the web app and for me to use on FIFA 16?? Yes. Tomorrow’s TOTW will be the first FIFA 16 TOTW.

14- Will the companion mobile apps be updated too? The FIFA 16 Companion App for Android and iOS are now available! You will get 1 FUT Draft token via the companion app to use for either online or offline mode.

15- Do I get any other perks by subscribing to EA Access? Discount on buying the game, discount on buying fifa points and the 10 hour early access.

16- Anyone has any trading tips for the Web App?? As always, buy low and sell high. You can also use the search bar to search for helpful trading tips/posts the community has made.

Here’s a link to the previous web app related post that could help you as well